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Playing Amazon today 24th February quiz contest and win Fossil Leather Bag. This Amazon Quiz Contest starting time from 8 AM to 12 PM, so if you think to play Amazon Quiz Contest then click the below link and go chance to win now. If you want to Amazon Quiz answers fast then you have to join in WhatsApp group.

How do I Participate in Amazon Quiz Contest?

You just follow the below tips and apply the same process or simply participate in amazon quiz contest :

1. If you have already Amazon app then click the link or participate amazon quiz, if have not amazon app then Download from PlayStore

2. Open and sign in to your Amazon app. if you have already signed then you just open the Amazon app.

3. Go to open your amazon app home page and scroll down, when you see the “Amazon Quiz” banner then tap this banner.

amazon today quiz

5. You just click your Amazon quiz banner and when you redirect on the next page then you click on the Start button and start the amazon quiz contest.

Amazon Today’s Quiz Contest Terms & Conditions:

  • Today 24th February 2020 quiz contest period will be running on From 8:00:00 A.M. To 12:59:59 P.M.
  • In order to be eligible for the Contest, during you have must sign-in to or sign-up from your App account
  • Once you sign in to the you will be able to take part in the Amazon Quiz where 5 (five) questions will be posted for the entire quiz contest.
  • If you all questions answered correctly then you will be entitled to a lucky draw, which will be selected participants who have answered correctly.
  • During the Contest Period, the lucky draw of 1 participant will be selected as winners.
  • The lucky winner will be eligible for a ₹50,000.

Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers 24th Feb 2020 win ₹50,000

Question.1 = Shaktikanta Das born on 26th February, former IAS officer is currently serving in which very important post in India?

Answer = RBI Governor

Question.2 = The National Maritime Heritage Complex is to be set up in which of these places?

Answer : Lothal

Question.3 = The 4th installment of which franchise won the Oscar for the Best Animated Feature in 2020?

Answer : Toy Story

Question.4 = Which of these countries will play in the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup for the first time?

Answer : Thailand

Question.5 = The Amazon Prime web series ‘The Forgotten Army’ is narrated by which Bollywood superstar?

Answer : Shahrukh Khan

23rd February 2020 Amazon Quiz Answers win Samsung M30s

Q.1 = Cartography is the study of what?

Ans : – Maps

Q.2 = NSIL is a newly launched PSU. What does S stand for in, New S____ Limited India?

Ans : – Space

Q.3 = Who among them is one of the producers of the Oscar winning feature-length documentary ‘American Factory’?

Ans : – Barack Obama

Q.4 = ‘Kambala’ is a traditional sport of buffalo racing. It is held in which Indian state?

Ans : – Karnataka

Q.5 = Which great Unani scholar’s birth anniversary, February 11, is celebrated as World Unani Day

Ans : – Hakim Ajmal Khan

[20th Feb 2020] Amazon Quiz Answers Win ₹10000 Amazon Balance

QnA.1= The ‘Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’ is organised annually in which Indian city?

Ans : – MUMBAI

QnA.2 = Which Asian country has introduced a ‘sustainable development fee’ for tourists?

Ans : – BHUTAN

QnA.3 = NS Dharmshaktu has recently been presented an award by the President for his work in combating leprosy. After whom is the award named?


QnA.4 = Which Indian company recently launched services in London, offering services in Comfort, Comfort XL and Executive Ride categories?

Ans : – OLA

QnA.5 = The Indian Institute of Veterinary Research has recently developed a vaccine to combat CSF. What does S stand for in ‘Classical S___ Fever’?

Ans : – SWINE

Amazon Answers Today 19 Feb 2020 wins Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Q.1 = The currency of Costa Rica, the Colon is named after which famous personality?

Ans : – Christopher Columbus

Q.2 = Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci all lost in a category at the 2020 Oscars, who won the award in that category?

Ans : – Brad Pitt

Q.3 = 12 year old Kaamya Karthikeyan has recently become the youngest to climb the highest peak in which continent?

Ans : – South America

Q.4 = Optophobia is the fear of what?

Ans : – Fear Of Opening One’s Eye

Q.5 = Who among the following made his first ODI century during the India vs New Zealand ODI series in 2020?

Ans : – Shreyas Iyer

Today Amazon Quiz Answers 18 Feb 2020 – Win Sony 5.1 Home Theater System

1.Questions = Which of these firsts did Parasite achieve by winning the Best Picture Oscar in 2020?

Answer : – First foreign language film to win

2.Questions = Who was the only batsman to make 400 runs or more in the 2020 U19 Cricket World Cup?

Answer : – Yashasvi Jaiswal

3.Questions = Which recent Padma Vibhushan awardee born on 14th February, became a cabinet minister in Haryana at the age of 25?

Answer : – Sushma Swaraj

4.Questions = A doctor of Indian origin, SS Vasan has been made the head of a team of researchers to develop a vaccine for what?

Answer : – Coronavirus

5.Questions = As per a recent notification, which of these has the RBI kept unchanged at 5.15% ?

Answer : – Repo rate

Amazon Quiz Answers (17th Feb 2020) Win ₹20000 Pay Balance

Q1. White, yellow, red, orange, blue, and green were the six original colors on the classic version of which 40-year old iconic toy?

Ans : – Rubik’s Cube

Q2. The 2020 Australian open was Novak Djokovic’s _ Grand Slam singles victory. (Fill in the blanks.)

Ans : – 17th

Q3. The Union Budget proposed which of these to build a National cold supply chain for perishables such as meat and fish?

Ans : – Kisan Rail

Q4. The upcoming film ‘The New Mutants’ is part of which movie franchise?

Ans : – X Men

Q5. Which famous political activist born on February 13th, wrote the poem ‘In the Bazaars of Hyderabad’?

Ans : – Sarojini Naidu

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Amazon Today Quiz answers 13th February 2020 :

So let go to check on the below questions or answer and participate in the amazon today quiz contest to win 15,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

#.Q1 = The first fully solar-powered airport in the world is in India. Which city can you find it in?

Ans = Cochin

#.Q2 = I Have _ program is a delivery partnership of Amazon with small store owners that is transforming lives. It is a business opportunity in which local entrepreneurs/stores partner with Amazon for delivery/pickup services within their area. (Fill in the blank)

Ans = Space

#.Q3 = Which is the first Indian start up to offer parental leaves for both men and women?

Ans = Zomato

#.Q4 = Which of these initiatives from the government of India has the slogan ‘Kaushal Bharat Kushal Bharat’?

Ans = Skill India

#.Q5 = Which of these is the minimum investment required for store owners to be part of the ‘I Have Space’ program?

Ans = No investment required

Amazon Karigar Quiz Answers ⇒ Win ₹25,000

QnA.1 – _ is a program run by Amazon to give prominence to India’s rich handicrafts heritage. Featuring over 50,000+ Products, including unique Art & Crafts from 20 states in India, it enables weavers and artisans to showcase ‘Made in India’ products to customers.

Answer ⇒ Karigar

QnA.2 – The logo of Amazon Karigar, with lines coming together to showcase India’s diverse and rich culture, resembles which of these?

Answer ⇒ ThumbPrint

QnA.3 – National Handloom Day, on the eve of which, Amazon Karigar was launched, falls on the 7th day of which month?

Answer ⇒ August

QnA.4 – The name of which dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, prominent in South India, is derived from a Malay word meaning to ‘tie’?

Answer ⇒ Ikat

QnA.5 – Which of these iconic handloom styles or products is also the name of a song composed by Amit Trivedi for ‘Fitoor’?

Answer ⇒ Pashmina

Amazon Valentine’s Day Quiz Answers ⇒ Win Fossil Watch

QnA.1 – What is engraved on the minute hand of the three watches shown in the video? Hint: You see these towards the end.

Answer ⇒ Love

QnA.2 – Which of the below phrases is associated with the Fossil Valentine’s Day range of watches?

Answer ⇒ Share the Love

QnA.3 – As per the video, you can buy _ gifts from Fossil.

Answer ⇒ Engravable

QnA.4 – In the video, which of the following is engraved on the heart-shaped pendant?

Answer ⇒ Luv

QnA.5 – Which of the following is part of the background jingle in the video?

Answer ⇒ Are you ready? Ready to go

Amazon The Credit Card Quiz Answers ⇒ ₹ 20000 Pay Balance

QnA.1 – Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card is brought to you in partnership with

Answer ⇒ ICICI Bank

QnA.2 – Which of the following is true about Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card?

Answer ⇒ All of the Above

QnA.3 – How much is 1 reward point for Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card worth?

Answer ⇒ 1 Reward point = 1 Rupee

QnA.4 – What is the benefit of using Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card to pay for fuel?

Answer ⇒ 1% fuel surcharge is waived off

QnA.5 – When you apply for Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card, you get up to Rs.600 back as Amazon Pay balance. True or false?

Answer ⇒ 1% Fuel surcharge is waived off

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